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Using SEO To Maximize Apart-Hotel Profits

Posted by on Jun 29, 2016

Written by Lester Adams Of The Cardiff Apartment

Over the last 10 years investors and hoteliers have shifted from  the traditional model of a hotel to something that more represents the needs of the 21st century business travelling guest.

Apart-Hotels or serviced apartments are the major alternative to hotels for business trips. The advantages include:

  • A Kitchen

It gets very hard to eat well when you are on the road going from meeting to meeting, city to city or even country to country. Having a full kitchen, or even a small simple one to prepare simple meals while away from home can be the difference between good health and bad, the difference between 70kg or 80kg.

Good health is not just the only reason though. Lets not forget that most business people will spend an insane amount of the company profits on fancy restaurants. I don’t care how large the company is – if you go to your boss and tell him or her that you have cut the cost of executive travel and expenses by 30% do you think they will be happy? You are damn right they would! If its your company then do it for yourself.

  • A Great Location

Most serviced apartment buildings are either new buildings or converted office building and tend to be in amazing locations. Case in point check out these serviced apartments. They are in Cardiff, Wales and are right next to one of the most impressive shopping complexes in the UK – The St David’s Centre and in the business district.

holiday apartments cardiff            Serviced accommodation kitchen

Having such a great location means less taxi rides, more sleep to look fresh for the meeting and less time spent travelling.


  • More Space

Ever stayed in a hotel that has forgotten that they need to cater for actual humans and not Ewoks? It seems they have been designed by an accountant that took the overall space, looked to see how much they need to make and split it up into as many rooms as they could. At one pint you could swear that they shoved you into a broom cupboard.


Apartments tend to have at the very least 50% more space than a hotel room. All of the rooms also tend do be sectioned off properly unless you are in a studio apartment. This would mean that if one of you wants to stay up longer to work on a proposal then the other can get some sleep in the bedroom.

The final word is that corporate apartments tend to be the answer for a business that is serious about cutting its costs and at the same time looking to take good care of its sales force.

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Social Media – A New Horizon For Marketing Your Product

Posted by on May 25, 2016

If you are looking for marketing support for your new start-up, there are different things that you must consider. When you consider all the things in a well distributed manner, you are definitely going to widen your business to a new level. You must be wandering about the online advertising modes, which will cut short your direct advertising costs and claims to give you a better effect too. Here are some of the essential help in marketing that the online modes usually give.

Research The Market

The first need for a start-up is the market research. You need to know the requirement of the customers and want to provide exactly that thing, so that the market remains yours, from the very first day. Social media is the best market researching platform. It is the base that is going to give you a complete result of the products or services and based on that you can easily frame your market entry strategy or advertising style on the web.

socal media marketing

Advertise Your Site

You have now researched the market and have found the right product or service that the market will accept. Now no one knows that you are having the product. You will have to make people aware of the products, since then only they will get to your site and start purchasing or getting a quote. To get the response, there is no need of creating banners or issuing pamphlets and flyers and distribute them to the market. The best way out is to adopt SEO and create some template. Issue them with database to the email holders and let your company be found from all corners of the world within a few days. This is the easiest way to make your market. So avail the service and act smartly.

Hook The Buyers

You have researched the market, developed the right service and marketed that in an ideal way. Now your clients will be coming to your site. They must have to be converted from general traffic to a consumer. Just follow three things out there. Initially make up your site with the best product listing pattern. This will allow the online buyers, who are much smarter than others, to surf all the products. Secondly impose the eCommerce transaction support. This will help you to finalize the deal. Finally, put some add on discount coupons. This will make your customers aware that they are going to get the most from your site. They will start getting to your site continuously and you are going to ensure your business expanded to a new level through all of them.

Social Media Marketing

So, you can very well understand that online marketing is much easier and helpful for your business. You are going to get the best support from it and that too in a smarter and beneficiary style. If you are looking ahead to enter the highly competitive market, the best way is to make the products available online, which are usually not. Your business will set the pace, from the first day of your business career.

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